“You don't take a photograph, you make it!”

Ansel Adams

Let Rome be the perfect stage to take your photography to new heights and get the most out of your visit in the Eternal City. Beginners, amateurs and professionals will be taken to Rome's landmark locations as well as to the city's secrets. Discover Rome's fascinating monuments as well as the hidden places side by side with Oliver, a professional photographer.
On the Photo Tours and Photography Workshops your individual needs will be met in an one-on-one coaching to improve your skills and your creativity to make great photographs.

Become a better Photographer!
Get fascinated by Rome's architectural ensembles, narrow alleys, colors & textures, lights and the busy street life and learn by doing photography. Use your power of imagination, enhance your apperception and become sensitized for the invisible and the details of Rome's urban landscapes. Train your eye and your conscious mind by analyzing a scene for interrelated points of interest and determining communicating lines. Apply professional techniques and learn the rules of image composition to add artistic depth to your photos. Beginners will gain a better understanding of their camera and the framing of images while advanced photographers will be given a more specific and concrete feedback in an one-on-one coaching.

If you have further questions or wishes please don't hesitate to contact me and send me a link to your photographers portfolio if exists.

I look forward to welcoming you in the Eternal City
Oliver Blum