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Around Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum and Colosseum

This Half Day Photography Workshop takes place in and around the centre of the ancient world. You will be guided to Roman Architecture, details, ruins and urban landscapes of a former world. Starting at Capitoline Hill with shooting great panoramas of all of the city you will have the best perspectives of the Roman Forum, Markets of Trajan, Forum of Caesar, and Forum of Augustus. Continuing to the Colosseum, and get an accompanying feedback on how to compose stunning pictures.

  • This Photo Tour is available as Night Photography Workshop or in combination with another Photo Tour as a Full Day Photo Tour - see the booking site
  • Bring:
    - your DSLR with manual and/or bulb mode option, operating manual
    for Night Photography Workshop:
    - your DSLR with manual and/or bulb mode option, operating manual
    - a sturdy tripod and remote shutter release cable with bulb lock or self timer
    - a stopwatch (smart phone/iPhone) and a small pocket flashlight or headlamp
  • Schedule: Early Morning, Day, Golden Hour, Night | Duration: ~4 hrs.
    Number of participants: up to 6 persons

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