NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Rome Night Photography Workshop

Learn how to use ISO, aperture and shutter speeds to achieve desired results

Night Photography is certainly one of the most exciting genres of photography topics.
Particularly in Rome we are dealing with different colour temperatures and contrast ratios from golden hour to night. Learn how to shoot post-sunset shots by applying the best settings for your camera to take natural-looking photos after dark. Apply night photography techniques like bulb exposure and exposure bracketing and learn determining the correct exposure times and the creative use of the aperture at the most impressive places and monuments of the Eternal City.
Our Workshop takes place as a Photo Walking Tour through Ancient Rome or the Historical Centre.

  • Bring:
    - your DSLR with manual and/or bulb mode option, operating manual
    - a sturdy tripod and remote shutter release cable with bulb lock or self timer
    - a stopwatch (smart phone/iPhone) and a small pocket flashlight or headlamp
  • Schedule: Golden Hour, Night or by agreement | Duration: ~4 hrs.
    Number of participants: up to 6 persons

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